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What is Needle Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment that aims to stop the aging process of the skin, as well as to treat the resulting changes and nurture the skin in the right way. The active compounds that are used during the mesotherapy treatment have a beneficial effect on the skin tissue, leading to its full revitalization.


Crystal Hydro Pn Skin Boosters

Crystal Hydro Pn Skin Boosters recovers damaged cells and stimulate repair process, Eliminates small wrinkles, Improves the elasticity of the skin, Restores microcirculation in tissue, Reduces the process of inflammatory manifestation of acne, Promotes narrowing of pores; Accelerates scar healing, Increases the metabolic activity of cells, as well as preventing the formation of new wrinkles. This treatment has a powerful anti-aging effect, causing regeneration of the cell renewal process. Thanks to active ingredients and regeneration ability, CRYSTAL Meso PN is indispensable in the treatment of acne, as well as in post-acne procedures aimed at restoring the skin and giving it a smooth and healthy tone.



MESOHEAL+ is a modern highly efficient product based on hyaluronic acid and developed for skin bio revitalization. Injections MESOHEAL+ improve the quality of the skin and help to achieve a quick and visible effect of skin rejuvenation.

Mesoheal+ is an amazing treatment for clients with low skin moisture and a dull complexion. This treatment will brighten the skin as well as encourage your own skin to create more collagen and elastin.

You can expect from Mesoheal+ a number of amazing results such as:

– Immediate skin moisturization
– Improvement of complexion
– Improvement of elasticity and tone of the skin
– Reduction of wrinkles


Pink Glow / Pink Glow Under Eyes

MESOHEAL PINK GLOW is an advanced brightening cocktail that combines 55 ingredients in only one formula. Powered by age-defying peptides, a blend of numerous vitamins and potent anti-oxidant agents. MESOHEAL PINK GLOW helps lighten hyperpigmented areas of the skin and combat the action of free radicals. It reduces melanogenic factors, inhibits melanin synthesis, and increases cell detoxification, to illuminate and brighten the skin. This highly-effective formulation also contains hyaluronic acid to improve skin firmness and elasticity.

This treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types but it is particularly useful in treating skin pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Pink Glow helps to rejuvenate the skin giving it a fresh and glowing look.

Benefits of Pink Glow:

– Nourishes and hydrates skin
– Reduces the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkle
– Moisturizes and rejuvenates skin
– Depigments and brightens skin
– Controls spots formation
– Promotes skin radiance



Jalupro Skin Booster Under Eyes

The classic Jalupro is great for, under eyes and lifting skin, Jalupro rejuvenates the skin by stimulating it naturally, encouraging the skin to create collagen and elastin. This treatment works wonders for fine lines and wrinkles, creating a smoother surface skin.

Jalupro is suitable for all age groups. This treatment can be beneficial for both youthful and mature skin. Jalupro is amazing at aiding the reduction of skin sagging. Clients with more mature skin have benefited from this treatment by the reduction of dark circles near the eyes.

Benefits of Jalupro:

– Increases tone, volume, and elasticity.
– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduces scars.
– Tackles dark under-eye circles.
– Reverses and prevents signs of ageing.
– Hydrates and revitalises dry or dehydrated skin.

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